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We are lucky to be based in one of the prettiest areas in the state of Virginia. Located about 25 minutes outside of Charlottesville, Virginia, Tivoli is nestled in the middle of historic Keswick hunt country. The rolling terrain and ageless turf provide a wonderful, natural training base for our operations. We are blessed with beautiful pasture, endless hacking and hillwork, as well as a view that is truly painting worthy. It is not hard to wake up every morning excited to go to the barn, and work in an environment that is truly breathtaking.


We take a lot of pride in the construction and overall design of our barn, all of which was done giving careful consideration to lighting, air flow, and seasonal flexibility, as well as to providing a calming and relaxing home for the horses. All of our stalls have yokes and dutch doors on two sides, providing our horses the choice of hanging their heads either outside the barn or in the aisles. Bars between the stalls allow the horses to see each other at all times, fostering their tranquility.
Our aisles are constructed of rubber pavers, so that there is zero risk of a horse slipping. There are two grooming stations in the center of the barn, one indoor wash stall with heat fans, and one outdoor wash stall equipped with both hot and cold water. All in all, it’s a very efficient, very organized workplace geared entirely towards the care and management of an elite string of international event horses.


Our facilities at Tivoli Farm are second to none, and we are thankful that we are able to provide our owners and sponsors with such a wonderful place to ride, train, and prepare their horses.
   Starting with the arena, the 26,000 square foot all-purpose school has a new Wordley and Martin surface, regularly maintained and watered for optimal footing. The irrigation system is in-built to ensure year round good going. This beautiful light sand mixture is used extensively at many World Cup Show Jumping sites throughout Europe and the U.S., and provides a wonderful training surface for our horses both on the flat and over the jumps.

The gallup

Recently, we leveled and sodded another 15,000 square feet for an international-size turf dressage arena. The turf has just settled in enough this spring of 2010 to probably allow us to utilize it in our training program. Our ability to irrigate this area will also ensure that the going remains excellent, regardless of the weather.
The six-horse walker will be installed by mid-May 2010 by Kentucky-based Kraft Horse Walkers, one of the best in the business. Exercise and fitness is paramount for event horses, and this horse walker will help to ensure that no horse is mounted, turned out, or exercised in any fashion without first being loosened up on the walker, hopefully minimizing some of the risk for injury and helping to more efficiently manage our horses fitness and soundness.

A large training field also exists, providing numerous cross-country questions. Ditches, banks, corners, skinnies, and tables of varying size and difficulty provide all that you would need to develop young horses or school experienced campaigners. Constant seeding, fertilizing, and mowing keep this field in pristine condition year-round.

Perhaps the biggest advantages boasted by this property are the two 3.5 furlong turf hill gallop, whose steep grade, adequate length, and carefully managed turf provide an incredible fitness tool. We have routinely used this hill to top-up our three and four-star horses with resounding success.

A lot of effort has gone into making our training facility truly world class. From our footing in the arena, to our half-mile turf hill gallop, the dressage school, our cross-country training field, our barn and feeding program, plus our 6-horse walker currently being installed, we are able to manage a barn of 18 horses with the efficiency and commitment to detail that is seriously unparalleled elsewhere in this country.


We pride ourselves on being a very professional and efficient organization. Just like at any corporation or business, everyone in our program has a specific role and a specific job description which they are expected to live up to every single day.

It all starts with my barn manager, Shannon Kinsley, whose experience level in the venting world is extensive. She worked for a stint at the O’Connor Eventing Team caring for Ms. Mars’ young horses and helping run one of the most storied eventing operations in the country. She also groomed at last year’s Pan American Games, where her charge , Harbour Pilot not only was part of the Gold medal-winning team, he also won Individual Silver. I convinced Sara to bring her talents to Charlottesville after she looked after Twizzel last year in England. Twizzel loves Sara - and so does the rest of the team (both two and four footed) at Tivoli.

The Training Field

Shannon oversees all of the care and management in conjunction with Will ensuring that the horses at Tivoli want for nothing.

Beyond the feeding and grooming, Shannon and the rest of our team (learn more about them here :
are capable of so much to help our horses weather the intensity of competing and training as an event horse. Whether its pulsating ultrasound therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, laser treatments, chiropractic stretching, we can perform such an array of therapies that I have no doubt that at any horse show, no horses feel better than mine, and I think it shows up, particularly when you watch my horses jog and jump on Sunday.

The Training Field
Shannon's ability to run the barn efficiently and effectively, while always smiling, allows me the peace of mind to focus on being the best horse trainer I can be. We have such a great group of conscientious people in our barn that it makes my job much easier. The rider is just the cover of the book, and without a really good team and manager in the background, I can promise you, the most talented rider will be limited in his or her successes. I am lucky to have her and the rest of our staff, and any success we have in the next few years will be directly associated with her and everyone here at Tivoli who contribute so generously to all the horses.


Our Horsebox Horse Transport The horses are transported in a six-horse International horse van, which boasts Air-Ride, a camera system and every necessity required to provide smooth, safe, and comfortable transportation. The 2002 International also comes complete with living quarters and an eight-foot pop-out extension.

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